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My name's Daniel Brown, and I live in Virginia. I am 32 years old.
I graduated from VCU with a bachelor's in piano performance.
My e-mail is
I frequent the Minibosses forum as "kareshi"

Virtually all the sheet music and recordings on this website
were arranged by me. My methods are a little over-complicated,
but I have to make sure I'm not leaving anything out. Basically, I

1. find a track on an nsf that I like
2. convert that track into midi
3. mess with the midi in a midi sequencing program
4. write out all the notes
5. take those to a piano and rearrange it so that it works pianistically

If you want to arrange NES music, I don't recommend this way. I'd say,
find a good nsf player that lets you silence individual channels and do it by ear.

Other arrangments: Final Fantasy 4: Illusionary World was arranged by Zach Hartman
The other SNES arrangments were done using the OSV scores as a basis
(when available) and using my ear, the game's SPC, and good MIDIs
to fill in the thin parts.

The tracks were recorded in various places with varying equipment,
hence the difference in sound quality from track to track.

VCU Concert Hall: Metroid Piano (3 tracks,) Castlevania 1 part 1,
and FF4: Dreadful Fight
VCU Recital Hall: Ghosts 'N Goblins
My piano at home: Final Phantom, Project 667, and FF4: Illusionary World
My old piano teacher's studio: all the rest

The videos:
Castlevania: My old piano teacher's studio
Double Dragon and Mega Man 2: My family's piano in Texas

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