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"Final Phantom" features the 1925 silent film "The Phantom of the Opera"
set to the music of Final Fantasy VI, as played on piano by me.
It will be in 6 episodes. Each time an episode is finished,
I will put up some of the piano arrangments for that episode as individual tracks
in the Audio section.

Episode 1: Finished 5/11/06
Click here to watch Episode 1 (10:31)

Episode 2: Finished 6/21/06
Click here to watch Episode 2 (14:58)

Episode 3: Finished 9/20/06
Click here to watch Episode 3 (18:59)

Episode 4: in progress:
Tracks arranged: 2/7
Tracks recorded: 0/7
Tracks synched with video: 0/7

Episode 5: in planning
Episode 6: in planning

More about the project:
The print of the movie that I'm using is a public-domain edition of the 1929 reissue of the 1925 film. Watching an opera scene in this movie made me think of the opera scene in Final Fantasy VI, which led me to realize that the music in FF6 and this film share similar moods in many other scenes as well. I hope my attempts at matching music to image are successful, so please let me know what you think.